Monday, October 15, 2012

How things were done.  A fleet of Land Rovers, utes and sedans etc in for a complete repair service from the ground up on the vehicles used in building Snowy Hydro about fifty years ago.
Many institutions and workshops of all shapes and sizes and previously used on the Snowy project can be identified in Cooma. The rail link (no longer in service) was utilized to transport all the gear and installations into Cooma for distribution to the construction sites in the mountains.
After all this time the shed is very rusty.  Construction by the tilt built method must have been influenced by barn raising as perfected by the Amish community althought their craft and hand work was in no way adopted.  Amazing amounts of timber and massive beams are seemingly available for building in the UK if the home shows are anything to go by.  Where are the forests?
While heritage has my support, the lengths that are adopted to restore or build are too much to take, the projects become too 'precious' and self centred. Modest homes with naive simplicity and recycled concoctions, adobe or pise are a good alternative.  

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