Sunday, July 23, 2017

Beyond the beach a ship enters the Port of Newcastle.  A chopper takes a pilot to the ship off shore then retrieves them time and time again.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

 Is it true or did you read it in the Courier Mail? sticker of the week!

What happened to the parking lot in the shadow of the fort?  Photo of part of the works in preparation for the supercar championship.  This very popular beach 'peninsular' is like a construction zone all over.
There is an existing
 tradition among a small group of owners of hot cars to gather nearby for show and shine on Sundays. And the days are gone of loud burn-outs that created a stir until local residents 'put their foot down'.
  The new circuit needs to be thrown open to citizens for a controlled lap at some point beyond the race.                    

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

 Four and twenty black birds baked in a pie.  Another pie shop.

Heatherbrae was chock-a-block with motorists after driving 70ks or so without much fast food in school holidays.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Drivers, cyclists, skateboard riders, walkers like the beach circuit on Sundays but it was in gridlock and a chance to get the camera out and enjoy the scene while waiting.
At the conclusion of the coming super-car race, Newcastle people could be allowed to do a lap of the   course in compensation. 

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Gulls and pelicans were interested in the catch of the day so it was quickly retrieved by the fisher. It seems.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Been fishing?
Eco announcements.  From the supermarkets, lagging in several states, single use plastic shopping bags will cease use months out from today. Reusable plastic bags will be sold for 15cents each.  Reusable fabric shopping bag are also sold and are used by a lot of shoppers.
 What is the point of selling PLASTIC shopping bags?  Convenience and sales. 
Will the customer bring them back to reuse or will these new bags also go straight to landfill? At best, the bags are destined for landfill or litter after several uses.
We are all paying higher prices for our groceries to cover the growth of duplicate supermarkets in many suburbs.  In theory it provides competition but it would seem that customers are mobile and shop wherever and can manage without new giant twin supermarkets on every corner. They put the familiar shops right out of business and diversity is lost all round.
Often it is easy to see the country towns that remain vibrant in their centre are those that do not have a vast supermarket on the edge of town. When that happens they become a shadow of their former selves with rows of empty shops and disjointed pockets of activity. Grand interesting shops of note go wasted. If a town is clever enough to see the trend they might integrate a smaller supermarket into the existing stock of buildings and with parking lots nearby keep the town alive.
Aldi do not have single use plastic bags but, again, reusable plastic ones are sold. 
  Secondly, a massive storage battery is to be built in South Australia, the state that has bit the bullet and established alternative energy supplies despite total lack of support by the negative Federal gov.  Out of the blue, a famous American of Tesla fame I believe , said the battery will be built in 100 days or will be free of charge.
 Recently, the G20 was centred on vital change and carbon targets to save our environment yet reporting was dominated by the antics of the US and Russian dictators and their problems unrelated to climate change.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Women in special dress. They loved it and we did too.  It was difficult to grasp the name, was possibly Uyghur tradition.

Saturday, July 08, 2017

Tradition Indonesian dress has splendid variety seen at a multicultural event recently.
 'Let the person who is without blame cast the first stone' - all the same, here goes.  In overseas media it is noticed how tiny casual racists remarks are often thrown in, Europeans often the target or the war years, as well we hear colonial attitudes expressed.
The Good Karma Hospital is not quite entirely free of that.
 In contrast, the gripping drama, Indian Summer (shown on ABC TV) when attitudes and class of some years ago were at their peak leaving the viewer anguished. 
 There is an expectation around here that newcomers will become one of 'us' we hear said. No one's perfect, how often the typical 'quaint' expat is always seen associating with other expats.
 When we see community development in the Australian Indigenous context more often than not it is led by a non-indigenous person, true opportunity needs to be further extended.

There is no temple on the rocky outcrop but spirituality is found in all places.
Future presidential material A billionaire, in media, associate of Trump, clash with the law, Harry Teno (Tanoesoedibo) is an Indonesian with friends, influence and money tho possibly he does not belong to the correct religion but really will that count?
ABC TV had a long look at new resorts in Indonesia in Bali and Bogor area by Trump Hotels plus local big names and how the development rides rough shod over areas of special significance, sacred spaces be it Hindu temple or forested valley.
Another theme park will do wonders for Harry Teno's popularity.  And a toll road.
Any citizen of means does exceedingly well in a less affluent country on the backs of the majority who earn very little.

Thursday, July 06, 2017

And one of the signs was missed out at that and at first sight of a delightful beach.
Signs of the times.
Will a disruption come about in the Illness Industry and its professionals?
 Just like Uber and Airbnb change may sweep through and a very inflexible system might totter and loosen up.
Change will be resisted.  The health kingdom has safeguards on all sides. Just like the banking sector.
Is there a link between an increase of violence in patients and with the status of medical staff and the mechanical nature of the health system?  Negative reactions to institutions are reaching a peak.

Sunday, July 02, 2017

From lovely Shoal Bay, the twin peaks ad nauseam. In Nelson Bay, just north of Newcastle.
School holidays again and there the pace of life will increase a little this winter, a far cry from summer crowds.
Road works to improve the turn off to Fingal Bay are causing a bit of strife.

Saturday, July 01, 2017

The same again, 'twin peaks' Tomaree Head with a 'spit' on the north and Yacaaba head on south side of Nelson Bay. A splendid bank of clouds to see way out to sea.