Monday, August 27, 2018

Dinosaurs and our wildlife.   Dinosaurs are an established part of children's toys, books, games and movies - they are featured everywhere.  The name of each creature is known by little kids and there are dinosaur models galore.  Dinosaurs came to an end never to be seen again and more could be made of the aspect of loss and extinction and what it can teach us.
How is this related to our wildlife?  Is extinction aok? Instead of the ancient past stress the importance of our own wildlife and how we need to take measures to protect it from pressures on the environment and halt the growing rates of extinction that our country is know for.
The 'ready made' topic of dinosaurs is lazily exploited instead of the reality of our present day so that it is out of proportion.  Of course, dinosaurs are very interesting, (didn't some have a type of feather covering?) we just need to keep the right perspective.  

Photo: environmental enemy: coal mining engineering: in transit, the body part of a behemoth without the wheels.  This 'tip truck' will perhaps stand several stories high.

Friday, August 24, 2018

Road Kill.  This is the fate of many kangaroos on Hunter valley roads.
Some say that at night  moisture runs off the roads and waters the grass which the 'roos graze on too close to the traffic.  Roos have virtual paths that they traverse, regardless of highways and used to seek out food and water or so I believe. 
It is best to avoid driving at dusk or dawn and largely in between times. Motorists are protected by high fences along sections. Serious car accidents can result from roos. The same with stray cattle. Animal rescue volunteers say to rescue baby roos from the pouch of the injured animals.  I am a so called animal lover but would have difficulties with that move. Killing in a humane manner would be suitable.

End times... we have lost our prime minister who communicated well and behaved in a professional intelligent likeable manner which we could be proud of regardless of his politics,
 A dreadful successor is muted as well as a few others. Bring it on. Dreadful is highly suitable so as to aid defeat in the next election. The humour is dark....the party was not conservative enough for the likings of some members!!

Thursday, August 23, 2018

 From the coast to Warkworth and in between the wattle season is looking good.  It can be depended upon each and every year, so far, unlike our politicians who change like the wind.
 Yesterdays bon homie is a different story today with back stabbing to the fore.
What a pity their antics get all the attention...its only the federal liberal party not the state apparatus who does all the work....I want attention to the things that really matter... fairness, humane solutions for refugees, education, drought and climate change.
 Parliament may be adjourned for a while as a last resort ....they are not doing anything worthwhile...its all constitutional who-har.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

The river between Denman and Singleton flows onwards through brown vegetation in a dry environment except for green patches of irrigated crops where even guards might be an idea to protect the fodder - not that it has come to that. Every spare field by the rivers could be growing fodder during this state wide drought.
 I know nothing about farming but notice the haphazard way that stock are fed with grain or hay, the way it is dumped on the ground without any order, perhaps grain could be put on a light weight flat long narrow feeder that could be moved to fresher ground with every feed. Sheep originally came here from greener pastures overseas and are expected to live in extremes such as semi desert where pastures are seemingly invisible and any old ground is good enough prior to their destination and torture during so-called regulated live-shipments to indifferent markets overseas. Stop live export.
At the same time the countryside is full of kangaroos suited to our land and a ready source of meat that needs more exploration.    
Most places like stores and clubs are pledging funds from our purchases towards drought relief. 
The Commonwealth Bank went totally out of service for some hours - another irriate hacker taking them to task for their daylight robbery??

Friday, August 17, 2018

 A Hunter valley coal mine with a mountain of tailings. Closer and further views and the dry countryside.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

 It continues to be beyond any politician to state any positive views about reduction of carbon emissions related to power generation by our coal fired generators.
  Never will they commend us to reduce power consumption or to pay the price nor commend international agreements nor promote alternative power generation.
 They are incapable of 'raising the bar' nor leading us into a sane future. Not only do they ignore carbon emissions they promote an increase and actually hate remediation.
  At the same time as a state wide drought of terrible proportions and the spectre of climate change is with us it has no real meaning.
 Scene - Bayswater coal fired power station from the highway just to our north and the more illusive Liddel coal fired power station nearby.  

Friday, August 10, 2018

 Oyster shucking...pity this endless task at Sydney fish markets which were packed with hundreds of diners.  Four deep we lined up to buy plates stacked with marine life. The crowd generated an urgency.
It was as if a day in Asia, the food, the faces, the languages, the hub bub, the eager family groups and the absence of those of my own background was a taste of adventure.          
Incidentally, the food we purchased was not amazing, too many items were laced with chili powder and bravely I returned a portion of tough dry rubbery lobster tail for a substitute half wondering how I would manage when I only speak English and why was I so out of step when everyone else was ecstatic yet I managed.
 The outdoor tables were an alternative.

Thursday, August 09, 2018

Towards Central Station Sydney.

Today, NAB bank at Kotara lost its connectivity in every way and could not function, The manager was at the entrance directing customers to other branches etc.  ( I dont bank there)  Was an aggrieved customer to blame?  The enquiry into banks is revealing the bad processes that we only feared might be true.

Thursday, August 02, 2018

Snouts in the trough BASEment level.  Restaurant prepares for the evening crowds. 

Coles supermarket has let the side down.  Their plastic reusable shopping bags have changed from 15c to free of charge only several weeks in, they say customers are not ready to do better. Coles cannot tolerate any threat to shoppers or to profits.
  The thick plastic reusable bags are a stupid move.  They need to give way to a long-lasting fabric bag.  Some reports are of reusable plastic bags thrown out as single use - like one might expect  - and those bags would be even worse as land fill.
  We cannot put off the transition to sustainability.