Tuesday, December 24, 2019

From 1891 an example of classicism of its day derived from Italian Boroque.
Curiosity led me inside to find this surprise space.  Hurrying from the city was a chance to buy face masks because of the smog but there was never a street less likely to sell such as that as it was one after another serious business centres.

The day was sunny and smog free  -  remember when?

Monday, December 16, 2019

Australiana gum tree fantasy. For Christmas, May Gibbs famous stories seen in David Jones shop windows.  .

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Friday, November 29, 2019

 Is this a mill? It stands near the historical mill.
 Cross section.
 Farm house on-site and possibly a canola crop before the fields turn a sunny yellow

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

The Office, Homestead, road bridge, probable Oak trees  Andersons Mill.

Monday, November 25, 2019

Waterwheel Anderson Mill. 
A high flume carried water from the river to flow onto the wheel towards its top and the wheel rotated towards that point.  Other designs have the wheel run in the opposite direction.
The ring gear on the outer rim of the waterwheel meshed with motion shafts and gears which transmitted power into the mill.
This was the primary source of power until 1947 when electricity was used.  Reference is made to a boiler and steam power in use at some stage.  The wheel is 8.53m diameter.
The gurgling water returned to the river via a tail race set deep near the foundations.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

This is the best thing in Victoria.  There is no accounting for taste.
  Andersons Mill at Smeaton, 1861, in bluestone, steam and water driven flour and later oat mill.  The industrial buildings and the homestead that made up this enterprise were close to a bend in the river with a stand of trees. 
Belts driven by the large fly wheel put vital processes into motion here there and everywhere.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Leading Supercar! The race track. Almost ready for the weekend event on the streets of Newcastle East.

Heard the Federal Government is into fast tracking approval of infastructure projects which sounds good in theory and includes environmental approvals - be afraid be very afraid. 
With a self imposed total ban on mention of Climate change let alone any action by Federal and State Liberals what does the future hold?

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Climb every mountain....a 'walk' to the top above the communication towers just a 2 - 3 ks constant climb the track wound round 40 bends ending in umteen stairs, rain showers, hail, howling wind on the summit  - it was a challenge in my case!

It is often said that social media presents an idealised image and a simple tour is the happy subject of these photos.  There were also times of considerable distress in parellel over a problem in a member of the family.  Thats the reality.
The return journey was completed in a day, was free of car trouble, had a detour to visit relatives and 
were safe and sound just before D day or the day of catastrophic risk of bush fires.

  Words....wound as injury, wound as wound-up;  wind as wind-up, wind as windy weather !!

Sunday, November 10, 2019

'The Prom' from Mt Oberon
While I'm waiting.  We were cruising north through the interminable forests of the most remote stretch of the Princes Highway - the road less travelled. 
Was that a whine in the engine? It was getting louder. After some thinking we returned to a small town.
  We are not into genteel motoring and the Merc Diesel commercial reminds me of a diesel locomotive but feels good, bit noisy and lumbering and has a nice lot of power.
  Once parked bits were removed from under the bonnet.  He whose hobby is car engines, well, all engines, was pleased.  The car manual is likely to begin by removing bits from the rear bumper onwards but instead some pushing and shoving uncovered a problem.
  The NRMA roadside assist was phoned and connected to their counterpart in Victoria and spoke to a mechanic in the next town who would be with us in an hour with a tilt tray.
  A chilly wind and showers hung around, it was late in the day but the twilight we notice helps that way.  At least, in those conditions bush fires were not on our radar but who can say?
  Luke arrived.  He was a hands-on mechanic and quickly dragged out the fan from the housing.  At least it was not a case of a loose bolt and the whole engine needs replacement.  Luke the legend had none of that.
  The bearing in the fan had failed, the bolt was loose and it was seconds before the fan would fling itself into the radiator with damage that is incompatible with motoring.
  The plan is to return minus the cooling fan with care not to overheat on the climbs. While the Hume is mostly flat the Princes is up hill and down dale.  What is ahead?
  Later, shall we have dinner at the pub? well, um...I passed and missed out on Saturday night at the small hotel at Canns River.


Friday, November 08, 2019

How's the UV rating? What's the point of the photo? Lines of rain.  In striking distance of southern-most tip of the continent and wind and torrential rain set in.  The foray was called off.
 No wonder the fields are green. Bush fires north of home seem remote. Fodder everywhere, eat your heart out north of the border. Dairy country here.

Thursday, November 07, 2019

Pre race grand circut with part of the ultimate winner of the Melbourne Cup!  Vow and Declare seemed a good bet at the time but it was not taken up. The horse was very elegant. After a long period this was an Australian owned winner.
 The tiny device purporting to be a saddle was very strange. The jockey must do a balancing act each ride for which they deserve full marks.  The horse was 'rewarded' when a bucket of water was poured over it or was it Moet?

Sunday, November 03, 2019

More culture shock...where were we.... cruise down the Pyrenees highway beyond the old Grampian range which marked the edge of the continent in prehistory. 
The Grampians seemed very popular for camping, caravaning, hiking, significant rock climbing and the small town of Halls Gap is the centre of activity and to stay over in a whole range of places, none of which were ostentatious or exclusive.  Indigenous culture has a role.  Halloween was celebrated - it has a toe hold now.

Friday, November 01, 2019

Twelve Apostles?  Luckily the day was idyllic and the journey delightful.  Southern Victoria.
 It's as if I'm in another country if small details count.
 Greenest of green countryside, crops under cultivation as well as the harvest of fodder crops in full swing. Rows of big pine trees acting as windbreaks. It is beyond McDonalds and the big two supermarts. But very touristy on the Great Coast Road.
The interesting forests have slightly new varieties, thicker, greener (and I know ours fairly well) and great to be in. Even unique and extensive dry stone walling in one district.  

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

The seaside has clifftop walks to enjoy at Aireys Inlet, Victoria. The walks continue to other localities along the shore.

Monday, October 28, 2019

Part of the Surfing drawcard in Victoria. Clear sunny and free of drama today.

Friday, October 25, 2019

Old and new.  First nation perform.  Phones on. A wellness walk led to Civic where the stands had  themes of mental health services and community care along with entertainment and lunch. Consider that one in five has mental illness.
The demand for services is difficult to meet and funding is important for this illness and just as important as all the other heroic treatments for physical conditions we hear about.

The well known scene of a child and a parent who is continuously on a mobile came to light in a cartoon. The reality was too much to take.  With one in five at risk has an issue been uncovered? 

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Dining in Shoal Bay was not hard to take on a sunny day at the very popular hotel. Could be the old country club has a new name, the old name went well and the post war or earlier building is of age uncommon in the bay.

Monday, October 14, 2019

It was serious yet predictable. The columnists in a Sunday paper all attacked and repeated the same 'shocking' outcry about the protesters who seek more action on climate change.
A request from Ita for more diversity in the media (!) was the last straw in a society 'plagued' by multiculturalism. 
As well, alternative energy as constantly seeking subsidies.....academics as lefties!
Extinction rebels provoked these adjectives: puerile, juvenile, small minded, brainwashed, questionable hygiene, socialists, angry fanatics, dole dependent, misfits, pathetic.

It is all written for effect, no thinking person could hold views such as that.

What responsibility is taken by the newspaper for misleading readers?  For failure to provide reliable data, failure to provide data from a number of sources.  For spreading half truths.
For failure to lead society to consider fine new developments for our benefit.  For failure to lead in directions that are inclusive and with high regard for all to enhance our mixed society and our mostly bountiful lifestyle
For failure of attitudes to protect our people, our lifestyle and our  environment and secure the future.
For failure to extend honour, safety and inclusiveness to citizens not just to footballers, or to Assarge and ocker Australians but extended to all citizens of all backgrounds and despite their mistakes.
For disrespect for refugees, and unhelpful mean spirited attitudes.   

For offering unending support for big industries at the expense of all others.
appropriate photo? highly approved casino etc. Sydney

One Columnist, Claire Harvey, was not anti-climate rebellion, in theory, but goes on with insulting ageism, older citizens are free to react as they wish, perhaps, true as entitled. I think the protests are then likened to tactics used by the Chinese government ethos and Hitler which is a ghastly comparison.
Protesters, Greens and climate change proponents must be seen in comparison to the powerful forces of government, industry and media who outweigh them ten times over.
It is a matter of proportion in terms of criticism.  Outlandish means are naturally used by protesters, to make protest worthwhile.  Their numbers are few so impact is exploited.
Another column is headed growth isn't the answer. What is the question? Is economic growth a problem?  No, the real point is made against an increase in migration. No reasons why an increase is a problem.
Migrant ghettos and non English language and gender issues are the result of multiculturalism we are told elsewhere.  Just the same, for example, I wonder how many foreign correspondents gravitate to a respectable enclave overseas with like-minded folk  It takes an open-minded Australian to fully adapt themselves into a foreign culture, others expect to replicate a lifestyle identical to the one they left,  yet some critics expect total immersion from an immigrant new to Australia. Try learning language later in life, it is very difficult. How many Australian-born go the extra mile and learn a language spoken by any migrants group? Gender issues are not raised out of concern but for criticism.

Fair go, for all these reasons, some newspapers such as News Corp fail us at the same time as they need support and more readers to secure their future. 
Idyllic day, much to enjoy and uphold, say NO to attitudes that stunt our well being. 

Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Masks have various purposes.  Ancient and modern.

In today's paper, the message in one feature was about the failure of the government to adequately deal with drought which is a valid point but it was used as an excuse to rubbish climate change.
(Forget about protestors - they were totally beyond the pale (in other pages).
 The columnist was recently admonished for insulting a P.M. and it is just as bad to write denial of climate change science and to roll that into criticism of two government ministers who spoke of belief in it.  
  It is explained that the ministers saw links between climate change and causation of drought (I missed hearing they made that link) and as such makes them incapable of managing a response to the plight of the farmers.  I fail to see why that specially makes them incapable and they can be incapable for a variety of reasons.
  Two entities are pointed out who refuse to publish climate denial - shame this hint is not taken up.
  The scientific method is discussed and how it provides the best explanation at the time - all the same, the explanation is not accepted by the columnist.
  The subject of drought is argued to have no links with climate change and Prof Pitman, for one, is quoted. This does not deny that the overall picture is one of change to various aspects of agriculture. In other media Pitman can be heard explaining all aspects of global warming while rainfall prediction is seen as unclear.
  Shame certain words are written to sell newspapers and to protect and maintain the status quo at any price but that's News Corp who has too many irons in the fire nation wide which spread this gospel far and wide if newspapers still rate, I mainly see this paper in the coffee shop.

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Another rant. 
Climate matters are very much to the fore this week.  A time to voice approval and promote efforts to avert climate change and join the push.
 Not so by our government and its leaders.  They know the score yet will not utter a suitable response. We are ashamed.  Surely some of us will object in a significant manner to this pathetic leadership. 
As they say, with friends like Morrison and Trump who needs enemies?

 It is fascinating to see the agenda of our newspapers and their unbelievable thoroughness at creating a negative attitude to climate change and to anything Green and possibly to Muslims and migration and on and on.
 It is not a matter of keeping quiet or report events but an effort to sling mud at those topics, to  trivialise or sensationalise, to belittle.
On 'ya Miranda Devine, for one, who must be in the business of writing to sell papers - what else could explain it, now she has gone to NY. Will she learn first hand how to fool the proletariat using Trump know-how and send back pro-Trump drivel to lucky readers.  

Friday, September 13, 2019

 The minister for agriculture etc now says he has always believed the scientists about climate change.

   The inquiry into aged care services continues on.  Having a relative in care is not without times of anguish for the person in care and for the relatives.  Aged care services can to be weighed up against  care in the family's own home.
 Much can be averted if the relatives themselves take care of the older generation where possible.
This is not suggested as if choice of professional care is slack but to literally avoid significant worry, pain, monitoring and attention to arrangements.  In many instances the older generation is more easily kept in communication while ever they remain with family.