Sunday, November 10, 2019

'The Prom' from Mt Oberon
While I'm waiting.  We were cruising north through the interminable forests of the most remote stretch of the Princes Highway - the road less travelled. 
Was that a whine in the engine? It was getting louder. After some thinking we returned to a small town.
  We are not into genteel motoring and the Merc Diesel commercial reminds me of a diesel locomotive but feels good, bit noisy and lumbering and has a nice lot of power.
  Once parked bits were removed from under the bonnet.  He whose hobby is car engines, well, all engines, was pleased.  The car manual is likely to begin by removing bits from the rear bumper onwards but instead some pushing and shoving uncovered a problem.
  The NRMA roadside assist was phoned and connected to their counterpart in Victoria and spoke to a mechanic in the next town who would be with us in an hour with a tilt tray.
  A chilly wind and showers hung around, it was late in the day but the twilight we notice helps that way.  At least, in those conditions bush fires were not on our radar but who can say?
  Luke arrived.  He was a hands-on mechanic and quickly dragged out the fan from the housing.  At least it was not a case of a loose bolt and the whole engine needs replacement.  Luke the legend had none of that.
  The bearing in the fan had failed, the bolt was loose and it was seconds before the fan would fling itself into the radiator with damage that is incompatible with motoring.
  The plan is to return minus the cooling fan with care not to overheat on the climbs. While the Hume is mostly flat the Princes is up hill and down dale.  What is ahead?
  Later, shall we have dinner at the pub? well, um...I passed and missed out on Saturday night at the small hotel at Canns River.


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William Kendall said...

Quite a headache. But what a view.