Sunday, December 30, 2018

Merry season. The gift of hydration pack was worn 24/7.   If generation Z gets hold of your mobile, in a flash,  it will have some new trick on it.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018


The footpath is being redone. When it was done once before, well, an earthquake occurred. Dec 28, 1989 an earthquake hit Newcastle with loss of life injuries and damage.
  At the time, the day was immortalised with a small inscription in the wet cement however the slab was replaced over time. Street trees and their roots cause some problems with the paving but it is a small price to pay.
 At the time of the quake, one first thought was that the workmen had caused an explosion by digging near the gas main - noise, everything in the kitchen rattled and a cupboard toppled over while the floor swayed but a timber house must be flexible, only the chimneys were damaged. An earthquake seemed so unlikely every other cause was suspect such as a train derailment. No,the damage proved to be widespread.

Monday, December 17, 2018

Red again, Cooper S was a hot car and top of the line mini from BMC and this is a revival by another company from India or somewhere.
Then a blue electric car, a Renault Zoe, soundless and zippy.

Newcastle University is the first university in the country to sign up for 100% renewable electricity.
A seven year contract with Red Energy will get underway soon.  Better later than never as more solar panels are also installed.on the campus, I read.
Years ago these web pages were run on solar, firstly from a mobile set-up etc until the panels where installed on our roof. 

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Red is the Christmas colour.  It is not every day a brand new red light rail is commissioned with trial runs up and down Hunter Street till late at night.  Motorists and everyone else toed the line as they took on new rules of the road. 
Newcastle had trams once before. Around the town certain roads can be seen to have cuttings because that  is where the trams went.
 The latest bus routes journey across the suburbs instead of in and out of the CBD.  A non-government bus service once travelled between Beaumont street and Merewether beach in similar style, everything inside the bus shook and rattled as it travelled thru a section of tight little streets. Who was to know that the real estate on journeys end would become among the most sought after in town.

Outdoors near Civic Theatre and City Hall.  The air was humid and misty like a mysterious overheated planet.  A storm was brewing.  Some years have stormy weather every evening as in the tropics and the humidity is unpleasant. Other years have very few storms round this time.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Japanese scallywags....from Gallery of NSW   The British use of word scallywag is preferred .