Sunday, April 30, 2017

Rubber duckie v great white

 Sun and surf Caves Beach.  Surf Life Saving Clubs event yesterday.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Not many priorities other than climate change on this blog.
  Do state and federal governments prioritise what matters to our society?   It is not beyond us to recognise important and more urgent matters but it seems all matters are given equal attention by the parliaments.
  The bigger picture and more pressing global problems need emphasis.
  There is non-stop talk, negotiations, enquiries, legal procedures and an extra big budget connected with our refugee prisons in an all-consuming process when the refugees could be granted asylum and we move on.  Move on from our self inflicted problems around detention and move to the bigger picture of global migrations and prepare for the impact on society now and in the future with new policies.
  Recently, the wording of legislation to address hate speech, for want of a better description, occupied the whole political agenda and while it is important it cannot be given equal weight and time with other outstanding issues about our future.
  We can do much better than toy around and politicians who cannot see the bigger picture. How can the politicians earn their keep by spending their time on party politics, on their problems and in-fighting and vague policies about a few difficulties. 

Monday, April 24, 2017

March for Science.
My young relatives have been offered a reward to try a few little science experiments.  It takes more than giving a science set. Will a reward stimulate interest?  How much experiment is enough first up? How does interest continue?
   Studies about the behaviour of the learner look at the question of rewards but who knows as in my case the 'message' might get through when it is of immediate relevance and rewards were not on my agenda at the time.
    One hears (on ABC RN) about the young post graduate who ventures out into a remote national park or the swamps, (rather wet lands) in order to trap an endangered field mouse, study pollution or methane or some such all of which probably takes initiative, independence and flexibility or slight obsession.
   How can youngsters who are raised in urban surroundings be inspired to widen their horizons so as to undertake anything scientific or out of the ordinary or 'get their hands dirty'? Will they in turn take to the fields and swamps and that's not Trump's swamp.  
   However, field work is probably a phase after which there will be a return to conformity, a search for funds and toeing the line in a university which means a narrow urban up bring could be pretty suitable after all.    

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Off Hawkes Nest recently.
This is no Manchester By The Sea which is a very appealing setting for an unusual dramatic film.
The producers have copied the ways of the arty film genera which is fairly uncommon in an American work but it is unmistakably American yet unAmerican.
  We are not spared from conflict, irritations, silence, nor strong feelings yet amusement is often there and it generally moves with restraint. Yes, amazingly, exaggeration is limited. As well, the cold winter weather is special.
The score of classical music and other numbers is also surprising. The season finished in the city cinemas but the little independent Regal cinema came up with a screening good for those who missed out.

the morning after the night before....the USA is asked to the 'party' or either they take an invitation for granted......
A love hate relationship.  This country takes on risk while ever we support US installations for this or that and worse still blindly follow them into wars.
As for the regular military exercises in the NT it is not as though their own country is short of appropriate places to play war games.
Cultural exchange other than more pop culture would be very welcome.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Walking was very popular yesterday. In Newcastle - for a change.

New life new hope in this exciting time of disruption although disruption is at arms length in this benign life of complacency that is the experience of many of us.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Not long ago in the images fire was the big enemy when bush fires struck.
 Last week, it was a different story when the stubble left after harvest was burned off.  Small crops grown on the pretty undulating land of the central south west of the state were seen on fire here and there leaving large black and brown patches over the landscape.

  Recently it was said that agricultural fires are a big contributor to global warming via the emissions so are the fires very essential?

Sunday, April 09, 2017

Celestial chapel.

Toot Toot! A steam train? Impossible. Chuff chuff.  Sure enough.
Ah! It's Steam Fest. Stations of the cross... Hamilton....Waratah. Recalling dog collar and his tank engine Thomas.  Reverend steam punk. Playing trains and little boys. We won't go there but the courts will.

Friday, April 07, 2017

This is and isn't a fake view. Entirely out of season these tulips are in bloom in autumn in our southern climes.
Months of prep using refigeration and light control resulted in this display. The effort is appreciated. The business, down south, sells all sorts of flowering bulbs.
 Bulbs are not at home in Newcastle's climate.

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Looking down

Travels.  A van with five cylinders has a good comfortable reliable 'beat' to it while out on the country roads even if it is not exactly quiet.   However, the Merc Sprinter has now updated from five to other configurations.  This diesel model was made in Germany while the same van might be found as a Dodge etc when made elsewhere. 
  Progress is made on smaller yet more powerful engines for Sprinters and led by the tighter controls on emissions. Small diesel European cars for city driving are frowned upon due to diesel emissions and normal petrol power has been improved.  Here the big semis are adding blue liquid to the fuel to combat pollution.

Monday, April 03, 2017

On the border

This morning there is a beach but it is miles and miles from the coast, across is a steep sandy 'wall' that leads to a 'forest' of gum trees where bird life is loud mouthed and is all that is heard. Sunday's swimming and boating has ended.
  All is reflected in wide calm water with a beige appearance but on looking closer it is clear and cool but not icy in the morning sun, blue skies and nippy breeze.
  The River Murray near Cobram.  Its long jounney has hardly begun till it goes interstate and 'limps' into the sea afterall its waters that flowed to irrigate farms far and wide.
  Long sections have a wide 'corridor' of land on both sides of the river reserved as nature parklands.  In that specialised zone, the red gum trees, for one, depend on periodic flooding for their survival in a life that usually spans hundreds of years as the oldest trees are very sturdy, very tall and sprawling.
  Small anabranches and lakes are peacefull places for birdlife.  Camp grounds are found throughout.   


Saturday, April 01, 2017

Interfloral contestant in the junior interstate comp at Melbourne Flower show.  Not only that, this is Jessie Smith of Warners Bay (Newcastle neighbour) taking part representing NSW..  Bridal bouquets have undergone change.
 Outside, the park had a range of exhibits, art, food and fun spaces.  Good weather was a bonus.

 Today, posting from near the Goulburn River in Shepparton, free of flooding.  The after effects of a cyclone are not likely to reach here in fact the land seems dry and ungreen. 
Irrigated orchards and water channels are in the surrounds and lakes have been formed.
 Here is the home of SPC  (Shepparton Packing company) canned fruits and vegies,including IXL and other brands in a very extensive sweet smelling factory with international sales, Campbells Soup factory was spied AND the one and only Furphys Engineering Works ('good better best' ) and that is dinky di.