Thursday, October 28, 2021


Surfing is a simple pleasure. Certain size breakers every so often swamp, half wipe-out, propel back and forth, deep enough water is one way while calm warm deep bouyant water is for when you go with the flow and take it easy, rise and fall between surprise dunkings, the feet landing on softest sand.  This is one view from a binary female. She was not a  strong ardent surfer.

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Power and Promise

No surfing. Dangerous currents. Red flag flying at Newcastle beach. Looks benign but don't let it fool you. 
Consider the life-saving COP26 Summit, it is a time of tremendous hope and anticipation as we plan and work to avert climate change. Imagine our satisfaction when we succeed in dealing with this critical situation.
The Australian policy to reduce carbon emissions will be rewritten the very day we get a credible government, no problem, no hurry, it's only our survival at stake, better still, take heart, the states will continue setting goals, the states are at the very coal face. What's the tommyrot about Australian values?
Says the Health Minister: 'We will be one of the most vaccinated people in the world.' Why cover one cause and neglect another?

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Wiradjuri country

Yindyamarra Sculpture Walk.  Beside Milawa Billa (Murray River) Albury. Stroll, reflect, although the above carving of a kangaroo-like figure is somehow disconcerting.

Monday, October 25, 2021

Sunday, October 24, 2021

Southern Crux constellation

Beyond the train, the pandemic affected world becomes topsy turvey and the pace gathers all the way to Kulin nation. Individual standard gauge line conveys the train to the end to the southern cosmopolitan state of apprehension and Number One platform. 
 Slow Travel means excess luggage is of little concern and a sleeper cabin offers cold white sheet and isolation in a pandemic, the overall service on XPT is unremarkable.
 In comparison a flight takes no time at all yet is a crowded space. At the airport, join a long march through dim deserted food halls and lounges while outside silent jet aircraft sit grounded nose to tail. 

Friday, October 22, 2021


State borders are in flux, past travel was stealth-like.
 Cootamundra station is remote and deserted this midnight hour. Soon a moonlit train moves south away from its state of origin. 
Further on, the old Murray River is a fluid border but once across the Stynx there's no turning back. Interesting journey. Into Wiriadjuri nation. Ghosts of the Kelly Gang replay silent shoot-outs.


Elvis hangout

Retro cafe. Empty.
Not more about Delta/covid. Those who reject vax and who avoid mainstream are unlikely to be informed about patterns of infection or where the latest vax are offered or the penalties/restrictions. Talking heads, education or science make no difference.
 It is difficult to visit the unvaxed. The unvaxed put pressure on a family of vaxed and jeapodise the family.
 It was not clever to plan to open to the unvaxed on Dec 1 for they might wait till then and never make a move. Or is a small minority ok in the whole scheme of things? All right for some.

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Misspent youth

Yes, back in the day city of Tamworth was a Hill-Billy centre but there was more.  Only half captured, this build is from 1866 and then a bit later on when I was a youngster it was a library when Enid Blyton books were tops. Naturally the place became a restaurant and a nod to literacy is in a decorative letter grid and in the name Williamsburg - as in burger.    10 things to do before I die:       

#8 Choose to read with more mindfulness. Rarely have I ever read to appreciate the text itself and to notice how writing is done. I could look at this now and again as a challenge. Forego the plot and pay the syntax. Not so long ago I happened to be reminded how language is an art. So it's not a bad idea to dabble along these lines.

Surf and turf

A benign tea garden claimed to have best scones on the coast. Is it Halloween?  Even more unexpected than the  skeletons was a whole roomful of 'normal' people meeting there to discuss issues around vaccination and state powers. It was only a small village. The natives are restless. The scones were enjoyable enough. 
What does it mean?  Halloween is  popularised far and wide yet is a weird  tradition for us so called rational folk so it is consistent to see a spooky approach to vaccines and climate sort of issues, science does not come into it.

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Memory lane

At Port Macquarie the boulders at the entrance are covered in messages. 
It is an acutely nostalgic walk. It records holidays, friends, family, memorials, clans and more mainly from the holiday caravan park beside it.
Biripi country

Some crops are vivid green others are yellow.  Canola.  The plant has tough long stems and the leaves form on the lower parts of the plant. Stray plants grow along the road sides. Yellow fades away before harvest next month. 

There is talk of a bumper crop state wide with time constraints while a shortage of workers is feared and compounded by state border closures which prevent the movement of labour and machinery. Flexibility is unknown.  Canola is also know as rapeseed and was grown as cattle food earlier on. So this is the ingredient in spreads and other foods. Polyunsaturated fats are sought but more on the exact status of canola has slipped the mind.



Tuesday, October 19, 2021


Up hill and down dale, cattle grids, creek crossings this was a back road. 
On reaching a pub where were the more agile who were about to start back there.
 Outdoor service: safe, clean, green, sunny. Covid regs are observed everywhere, QR entry, masks, distance, some vax cert, all at last count.
Kamilaroi country.

Monday, October 18, 2021

Squattocracy Redux

Some gates!  Sign of former glory?   Whisps and undercurrents from the past led to a property where my forerunners were employed. 
A close look was precluded by Delta restrictions but a word picture was given to fire the imagination.
I held onto an old NRMA map (for the detail) and was taken by surprise, my father had made notes on it when he toured there late in life. 
'I still havn't found what I'm looking for'. U2 nailed it.

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Who wants to match the Yangtze?
The Middle Kingdom always says just  what it likes. They are no fools. They must know their stance is over the top and that domination is so uncool. Makes no difference.
Any nation would find it so much easier if it were to change and became content to coexist.  Can't China picture themselves as a splendid country as they are without threats and territorial goings on.  Unusual when the leader is always so darn impassive which is beside the point.. 

Friday, October 15, 2021

The Mississippi  Peel Delta was shining like a National Maton guitar, 

I am following the river, down the highway

We are going to Graceland Graceland   country music capital in New Southee. 

Kamilaroi country.

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Tame the plain

Efforts are made to protect the plains from mining and it is well worth it.
Plantation timber is shipped in containers to China according to a local. Will China have a tantrum about that?

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Real Estate

More often than not it is usual to improve the value of a property. There is no doubt the above house with trees is the outlier. Below, the same property is shown over time.                                                                    After all, trees are only life-giving - who needs them.

"Real men use chain saws' was a gratifying meme. 

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

No one asked me for proof of twin vax yesterday. Jaycar was trading while Super Cheap next door was restricted. No frantic trading was seen in any small venues. Ironically, the GP is still bunkered down. The restrictions explain the rise of bar stools all through some venues. Sit while drinking.
CLIMATE CHANGE. A ground swell is underway.  Such as, the PM voluntarily uttered the C words. He is urged from high places to attend Glasgow. What's more, Murdoch press is coming round, it's not that difficult to put in a good word. The excitement is all too much. What's next? 

Monday, October 11, 2021

Rare yet precious moment. Woman climed into luggage hold, settled in and  breastfed her baby while she chatted with a friend.
 Makes you ponder on your own inhibitions. Her actions could have a few explainations. The photo is not taken locally. Use public transport and catch humanity.

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Same house years apart.
What's the difference between a digital image and one from a film exposure? The photographer?

It is time to end lockdown.  Economy trumps public health.
HIVAids changed my perception of the known world because of spin-off infection but as time went on it hardly crossed my mind. Issues faded, travel, hygiene, injuries etc became non events.
Likewise, given time I will relax about CoVid but not yet.  Liberties begin tomorrow as an end to  lockdown but don't spell the all clear.  I remain risk averse and 'bury my head in the sand'.

Friday, October 08, 2021

Where there's a will.....

High above a house a crane hoists a swimming pool into a back garden.  A TV aerial is in the way.  The old aerial is very tall to pick up extra programs from Sydney in the early days.
While caravanning right out of town, if you want to catch some TV on a regular set, most often its the ABC that can't be found, no way.
Alternatives driven by data can also have problems. 
Satellite related gear is another method most likely to work.
Sometimes a hunt for a channel is undertaken just for a challenge! Digital signals are very directional.
2      The same house as it is today. 

Thursday, October 07, 2021


Spying on the arrival of a home improvement item. Just what I had in mind a while back. 
The state has a new leader. Will he be popular with the brash and the trendy?  Its ironic. He is a traditionalist.

Word play 
Graphite: stoush between two statisticians.
Apprehend: get the joke after everyone else.
Layman: a gigolo (from the reputable SMH )

Wednesday, October 06, 2021

Bond Store

Earp Gillam Bond store 1888 Newcastle East. Another from Frederick Menkins.

Word play
Ineffable: unmoved when confronted by bad language.
Sincere: truly burn in hell.
Insinuate: to eat while making love.(SMH)

Tuesday, October 05, 2021


Simple scene but it stops you in your tracks. 
Words. Buffalo: a nudists' greeting.  Syndrome: very large brothel.(SMH)

Sunday, October 03, 2021


Grand Final night. Panthers v Rabbitohs  . Two Sydney Rugby League teams meet in Brisbane because of a lockdown in Sydney. Restrained celebrations are envisaged. Panthers is favourite. Close game.
Sponsor advert: "T Australia is why"  ??
"Not happy Jan" was an old ad from Telstra.  Look how far we've come with the "why" ad.
Panthers advertise Oak Dairy which originated in Hexham near Newcastle. The latest owner is a French company.
Red bellied black snake was run over and was unlikely to survive. The snake's bite is rather troublesome. No fatalities are recorded. Is said to be unaggressive unless provoked. 

Down to the wire

Bridon and Bekaert, Mayfield East. A global manufacturer of wire rope for multiple industrial purposes. 
A noteworthy brick construction with a saw tooth factory attached. 
 Wire making began in 1925 and BHP, OneSteel, MolyCop are roughly a succession of connections in Newcastle before now.
 The present day company of Bridon has links with an institution in Ontario and WRI has HQ in Montreal while Bekaert harks back to Belgium and the UK.
 Lost track of identification of any local owners.

Friday, October 01, 2021

State of politics


Gladys Berejiklian visited Hamilton during her time as Minister for Transport. For years she served the state and became a significant leader that was way ahead of most other leaders.   She strove with determination to 'keep us in line' during the pandemic.

Harbour side

Next time a casual photographer gets near here it will probably have a high rise.