Friday, April 24, 2020


Raw onion: a germ killer strategically placed on the counter at a take away. A Chinese remedy. 
Governments express complaints about the Middle Kingdom and its response to the virus. Many stuff ups are recorded in the USA and the UK, day after day their shortcomings are identified as to timely preperation for the pandemic or its management. We failed to test a whole ships full of passengers and crew.  We are all guilty.
Our government spoke up at the worst time as it supported the words of Trump. How could we? He is dangerous and erratic.

Nationally the spread of covid 19 is minimal. Praise be.

Monday, April 20, 2020


plaster...fracture....the cast was rejigged with a pink plaster which is an abrasive material. Use of an abrasive material is very strange. Little children are seen with extensive casts applied. Imagine how unpleasant it is to scrape their tender skin on the cast. Or their carers skin.. Or their siblings.
Bandaging up the cast is my next move for a softer finish. Old style white plaster is smooth.
These casts are another medical mystery. Imagine the probable defensive  reaction if one was to mention this abrasiveness after all there has been good care and is doing well. What more!
Current deserved praise of health carers may lead to increased defensiveness and know-it-all-ness.
 I had a flu vacc and at no stage was any hand washing done by the doctor. Another doctor walked around
 and out to the small que on footpath in the same gloves no coverings or mask tho virus affected were excluded in theory.

Total with disease nationally 6600 and new infections are minimal. WOW.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

asleep at the wheel

unlimited time and money go into investigating a cruise liner and the virus.  It is very questionable value for money.  Regardless of anything a reasonable person would monitor the passengers for disease on arrival. There is no getting around that. All the authorities failed.
Number with disease up in 6000s. Rate has slowed.
The BCG is under research to see what protection it offers in current times. Is a  vaccine for TB. Does it last a lifetime, hope so as I received this quite some time ago? It leaves a circular scar and years ago young migrants often had the mysterous mark on the upper arm.

Tuesday, April 07, 2020

days of our lives

Xxray reception with more than enough alerts about virus.
National tally of those with disease 5800 and the inctease has slowed.
We hear complaints about the response and lock down, look at Bolt, outragous words in News Corp. All they need to do is look at USA. Is that what they want?

Friday, April 03, 2020

Remember when. So far, I am fortunate and aok over lock down yet knowing i am not risk free.
Good policies are introduced. Lately, a government that you would dream of. What's the catch? A decade of the Lib mantra. And tightness on the less wealthy. Oh!
"Make America Great"  what a situation for every sane American shocked by their rediculous president and his misled followers by his insane popularity and the massive pandemic.
Real Estate is rapped about asking tennants to access super as it is illegal to give financial advice. Far too delicate to say what we really think about pressure such as that. Trust the Libs to originally suggest draw down, hardest on low incomes.

Wednesday, April 01, 2020

where visitors gather to view fairy penguins come ashore down at the beach at Phillip island. Will the penguins miss seeing everybody during the lock down?
Early March I was thinking of making designer masks, but i partially locked down ahead of the regulations and wondered about risk of shopping for a sewing machine. Op shops would have them.
National total might be close to 5000 but the rate is lower right now..

what bird is that?

these birds are ?  Shearwaters...mutton birds? Cant say. Bustards? These were on 
Phillip island.
The virus has infected 4000 plus. Right now the rate is slower.