Monday, April 20, 2020


plaster...fracture....the cast was rejigged with a pink plaster which is an abrasive material. Use of an abrasive material is very strange. Little children are seen with extensive casts applied. Imagine how unpleasant it is to scrape their tender skin on the cast. Or their carers skin.. Or their siblings.
Bandaging up the cast is my next move for a softer finish. Old style white plaster is smooth.
These casts are another medical mystery. Imagine the probable defensive  reaction if one was to mention this abrasiveness after all there has been good care and is doing well. What more!
Current deserved praise of health carers may lead to increased defensiveness and know-it-all-ness.
 I had a flu vacc and at no stage was any hand washing done by the doctor. Another doctor walked around
 and out to the small que on footpath in the same gloves no coverings or mask tho virus affected were excluded in theory.

Total with disease nationally 6600 and new infections are minimal. WOW.

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