Sunday, December 16, 2018

Red is the Christmas colour.  It is not every day a brand new red light rail is commissioned with trial runs up and down Hunter Street till late at night.  Motorists and everyone else toed the line as they took on new rules of the road. 
Newcastle had trams once before. Around the town certain roads can be seen to have cuttings because that  is where the trams went.
 The latest bus routes journey across the suburbs instead of in and out of the CBD.  A non-government bus service once travelled between Beaumont street and Merewether beach in similar style, everything inside the bus shook and rattled as it travelled thru a section of tight little streets. Who was to know that the real estate on journeys end would become among the most sought after in town.

Outdoors near Civic Theatre and City Hall.  The air was humid and misty like a mysterious overheated planet.  A storm was brewing.  Some years have stormy weather every evening as in the tropics and the humidity is unpleasant. Other years have very few storms round this time.

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William Kendall said...

The LRT reminds me of ours, as the colour scheme is the same.