Thursday, September 26, 2019

Another rant. 
Climate matters are very much to the fore this week.  A time to voice approval and promote efforts to avert climate change and join the push.
 Not so by our government and its leaders.  They know the score yet will not utter a suitable response. We are ashamed.  Surely some of us will object in a significant manner to this pathetic leadership. 
As they say, with friends like Morrison and Trump who needs enemies?

 It is fascinating to see the agenda of our newspapers and their unbelievable thoroughness at creating a negative attitude to climate change and to anything Green and possibly to Muslims and migration and on and on.
 It is not a matter of keeping quiet or report events but an effort to sling mud at those topics, to  trivialise or sensationalise, to belittle.
On 'ya Miranda Devine, for one, who must be in the business of writing to sell papers - what else could explain it, now she has gone to NY. Will she learn first hand how to fool the proletariat using Trump know-how and send back pro-Trump drivel to lucky readers.  

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William Kendall said...

Many of our Canadian newspapers- at least ownership and columnists- tend to lean right these days.