Sunday, September 08, 2019

Travel and Thomas the tank engine.
Total Carbon emissions from the growing number of cruise ships have naturally increased although shipping companies are working on reductions.
 The total global CO2 -e Emissions (kt) from cruise ships in 2017 was 21,195 kt.  (kt or metric Kiloton is equal to 1000kg)
The estimated average per cruise ship passenger is 0.82  CO2.  This is the equivalent to a return air trip London to Tokyo economy class.
The figures come from self reporting from two main shipping companies as a basis for the estimations.

Aircraft emit C02 and other greenhouse gases which are documented.  The total C02 is 665.24 MT.
A MT is million tonnes.
Some figures: Great Britain 178.49 C02MT               per capita C02kg 415
Australia                                 17.48                                                         711
China                                    250.89                                                           50

from University Institute for Tourism and University of Surrey.

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