Monday, September 09, 2019

 Creative moves in school - dance, music, song and paintings were offered and were appreciated.

Our schools produced a government minister who in interview today intimated that with climate change the cause was not the point or didn't matter.  The sick joke is that his portfolio concerns agriculture and emergencies among a long list of 'insignificant' matters.
The government is paranoid about climate change.  An unwritten law bans the mention of climate change among the Liberals.  As if we are considered incapable of dealing with that sort of talk.
The Liberals suppress policy on a major threat regardless of the price we pay. 
A major anti-intellectual 'lost his seat' but others take his place, it made no difference.
school poster.... If you don't spread your wings you'll never know how far you can fly.....

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William Kendall said...

Our province is governed at the moment by a Tory government that shrugs at the idea of climate change, and a premier whose political experience consists of four years as a city councilor proving himself unfit for office.