Monday, August 27, 2018

Dinosaurs and our wildlife.   Dinosaurs are an established part of children's toys, books, games and movies - they are featured everywhere.  The name of each creature is known by little kids and there are dinosaur models galore.  Dinosaurs came to an end never to be seen again and more could be made of the aspect of loss and extinction and what it can teach us.
How is this related to our wildlife?  Is extinction aok? Instead of the ancient past stress the importance of our own wildlife and how we need to take measures to protect it from pressures on the environment and halt the growing rates of extinction that our country is know for.
The 'ready made' topic of dinosaurs is lazily exploited instead of the reality of our present day so that it is out of proportion.  Of course, dinosaurs are very interesting, (didn't some have a type of feather covering?) we just need to keep the right perspective.  

Photo: environmental enemy: coal mining engineering: in transit, the body part of a behemoth without the wheels.  This 'tip truck' will perhaps stand several stories high.

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William Kendall said...

And instead of going ahead now with putting an emphasis on renewable energies, too many times it's still going back to coal.