Monday, November 15, 2010

There are signs we are a 'can do' society. Not at the whirl-wind speed of change in a Shanghi or where rip-offs and inequality are features - our country is not in that league because of its priorities and relatively small economy and, others complain, of mismanagement.  
Here are some done things albeit uninspiring. The electrical power service is in for an upgrade in this part of town, hence the cables pictured above.
A new stadium is taking shape after an eternity and with the advent of Beckham's visit, has one week to get finished before he arrives (so to speak).
A new bridge over the Hunter river and associated major rail crossing is forging ahead.
Rail infrastructure is targeted for upgrade. I have seen works near Tamworth and at Singleton; on the Maitland line and the Sydney and southern railway lines.
Where does a minor rail line into Newcastle fit into this scenario? An overall view is a good idea and radical reuse of what we already have to work with.
The state premier cycles to work in Sydney. Actions speak louder than words but not loud enough to save her government - they say.

Above, rail works at Singleton

Above, live stock sale yard and associated interests, Tamworth. Then, out with old hard-wood rail sleepers and in with concrete, seen beyond Werris Creek and also carried out on the whole rail network.

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