Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Hunter River with East Maitland and or Tenambit in the distance.

These figures were published and outline fees for local primary church or private school  (for round five to twelve years of age) with four terms per 'school year'.
Tuition Fees per term: 1 child: $308. 2 children: $539. 3 children: $693. per term.
Resource Fee per term: Kinder: $88. Year 1: $88. Year2: $88. Year 3: $94. Year 4: $94. Year 5: $82. Year 6.$82.
Technology Fee per term: $20 per family.
Diocesan & Family School Building Levy per term: $173 per family.
Further to this,  a big discount is quoted for some of these fees if paid in a single annual amount. The more affulent reap those discounts.
I believe the policy is that a child is not turned away if the total fees are beyond the ability to pay, but I don't know about the latest policy.  And parents are reminded that a fee clearance has been requested by the high schools for children in Year 6.
Private schools are fee paying schools and I imagine the fees are much higher at some other private schools.
Government funding is also provided to private schools which have increased in number. The privatisation of education is the trend but hugh support is also important for State school education.

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