Sunday, November 07, 2010

Baptismal Font.
Das music. We may sing about living waters but with  J S Bach it was a different story. He was familiar with church surroundings such as this, and week after week he created a wealth of  music for liturgies. Were the congregations left stunned by his magic? Just imagine if the music had been discouraged by fundamentalists.
For us, it is just too good to be true, to be able to experience, at will, the unconditional gift of his music. And not only church music.
This week, Bach's Saint Matthew Passion came to us in a performance from Europe, very stylish, perfect and original German language for that special edge from the soloists all from ABC Classic FM and their search for Australia's most popular musical work.

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Leif Hagen said...

What a heavenly baptismal font! Lots of history and lots of little heads splashed with the water!