Friday, October 01, 2010

The grandchildren climb on old kangaroo and play round the garden.  The light post was originally from Newcastle bus depot. A favourite garden gnome was stolen despite it being very heavy to move.
Here I was brought face to face with the seven ages of humanity on hearing from the elderly homeowner how she can no longer do the gardening or even leave the house much, nowdays. Years of gardening experience is held to mull over.  One new rose plant will bloom in about three years time and is waited with anticipation.

The old suburbs are renewed. For instance, in the suburb of Merewether Beach the traditional home, lawn and garden is often replaced by new two story homes often built to the boundary and lined up tall along the streets and the nature of the suburb has change quite a lot, afterall, 1.5 kids need space to live.. and how. 

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