Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Photos taken some time ago in Sydney. Computer problems led to old photos coming to light. Anyway, IMAX looks different right now due to construction work.
Only this year have I been to see a show at Imax. Well, the prospects sounded simply glorious: outer space through the eyes of Hubble as well as ultimate surfing in Tahiti, all on the largest screen in the world in 3D. Well, the vision was technically awesome, the content: very average.
Spelling and Macquarie Dictionary. Thanks goodness a big dictionary provides all the inflections. How is it that an adult like me is too lazy to get to know the rules about plurals and so on - is it 'es' or  's' 'ly' 'ely'. Why not use spell check? Simply writing a label on a blog site photo is a minefield!  What about brackets and full stops, the correct dash, direct and indirect speech?  What's worse, I went to school in the days of reading, 'riting and 'rifmatic.

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