Thursday, September 09, 2010

Oak Milk Bar Restaurant at Freeman's Waterholes just out of town had a very popular past.

Several Oak Milk bars operated in the region possibly before the advent of other fast foods and Oak rivalled them in every way.

Perhaps the trade routes change. Passing trade changes. An outdoor picnic area, under the trees is overgown and the miner's memorial has been relocated. 

Oak Flavoured Milk originated in the Hunter. Companys change. The brand is now owned by Parmalat - a mulitnational Italian dairy and food corporation. UHT milk is a specialization of theirs as well as the production of all dairy products in all the continents.  The company survived a colourful period of financial goings-on involving fraud and hugh losses (surrounding the CEOs in Italy). Sponsorship of Formular One was another hughly appropriate interest of theirs. Well, milk is wonderful value for money and is full of protein, calcium and....and fat (as well as other vital stuff).

A name like Freeman's Waterholes  must date back to the days of early settlement.

Along side the cafe - 'milk bar'

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