Friday, October 08, 2010

Aussie dollar is at a record breaking 99 cents against the US green back, they report. So, our travel dollar goes further, just imagine joining the Rally to Restore Sanity or Keep Fear Alive or an afternoon 'tea party' . Then again, is it more or is it less sanity that will keep the US dollar down? My selfish viewpoint to the fore.

As tourists or whatever we have reciprocal health care agreements with NZ, UK, Republic of Ireland, Sweden, Netherlands, Finland, Italy, Belgium, Malta and Norway. Cool if Spain, Russia and Canada were there.  No USA on the list  where perhaps universal health care remains a dream.
Stewart and Colbert do a lot for the American image  (ABC 2 Aust). And I'm being positive! An antidote to Read love and eat or Eat Talk and Eat or whatever.

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Bill said...

For Americans, Universal Heath Care is a communist plot. Now I see where all those abandoned shopping trolleys end up. Nice shot.