Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Magpies with a birds eye view of the Pasha Bulkar
It is hoped to move this stranded cargo ship on high tide possibly Thursday. Tides are reaching their maxium height soon.
It is believed that the attached ropes are for towing out by tugs and there are two anchor points against which it will winch itself out.
Gear for the containment of oil is assembled near the stone monument - Macquarie's Pier.
As it is, the oil /fuel on the ship has been pumped into its higher tanks. They say it is too risky to use hoses and pump it ashore.
The ship has buckled in the centre. Quite a task is ahead.

The signs say keep left.

Seagulls taking it easy


Anonymous said...

Is someone responsible for the ship wreck? I mean was the captain drunk, asleep or doing something else? I can't imagine how a ship could wind up like this is the captain was doing his duties. Unless, of course, there was a problem with the steering.

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Kalyan Panja said...

The ship is really struck & it will be quite a task indeed to move it...some well captured shots!

Mandy said...

trouble everywhere - please spare a thought for the people of Sheffield

julia said...

The ship was close to the shore when it should have been right out to sea yet no emergency action was undertaken. The empty ships sit high out of the water and the prop is left half uncovered which means it has less propulsion. I takes hours to take in water ballast. Also at loading time the ballast is pumped out and if this is slow and holds up the process then complaints are made.
Yes, I saw footage of the problems in the UK, difficulties everywhere.

Bergson said...

rather impressiant

much visit and photograph for this beautiful cargo liner