Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Urban day trippers visit Echo Point, they make up a never ending stream of visitors.  A forceful gale didnt make much difference.
  In America, Wal mart says they will limit the sale of guns in some ways.  It is a good start.
  Today at the shopping centre I saw a baby well under 12 months given a hamburger from the famous fast food supplier. The parent first tore the burger in half. That's getting off to an early start.  I will own up to having a grilled chicken wrap and a cap'.
  In stock now: nice cauliflowers and runner beans are plentiful and reasonable.  Rain must have fallen somewhere. Avos are small and less expensive.  Mangos are appearing  -  well ahead of summer. 
  A strawberry 'war' is underway and the woody fruit is low cost.  Incidental prices of fresh food rose a whole lot for Fathers is usual on those sort of days. Is it a rip off or a response to demand for less plentiful, Thursday and those prices are back down again.

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William Kendall said...

Echo Point looks like it's got splendid views!