Sunday, March 03, 2013

Sign of the times.  Farewell,  The Sydney Morning Herald will go tabloid on Monday.  The term compact is preferred.  The rain must have got to our crumpled edition. 
Also, my vote does not go to Rudd.

On Sunday morning, after the amazing Pop Asia on SBS and gangnam goings on one can go to Hymns of Praise from the UK.
No doubt special preparations would be made by the church goers of all ages in readiness for the BBC cameras.
All the same, it contrasts with our situation.
We are not a nation of church goers.  Even government schools in the UK launch into upbeat hymn singing contests which the students seem to enjoy.  Selected students probably.  Never the less, religion based activities are banned in our state school and would be unlikely even in our church schools. 
Our focus is narrow. 

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