Friday, March 01, 2013

Earlier in the week, inbetween the wonderful downpours, joggers and fishers had to dodge the sea spray and low tide at that. The sea has been 'whipped-up' lately.
I suppose it is rather pleasant to live by the coast. Most people cling to the coast in this big continent. The ocean would be missed. 

Wow!  shooting in national parks has been postponed for a while.  I suppose it is some tactic by the O'Farrell government before they go ahead with this sick plan.  Indeed, all we need is sufficient staff to manage the parks. Or will we all need fluro vests!

Amazingly, the same government has made certain areas exempt from gas drilling. I believe only small areas at that.  It seems that effective leglislation is possible. But more land must be protected. So many are immune to everything in the countryside except the dollar.

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