Saturday, December 04, 2010

Under the dust is a Velocette. Is it an early cross between a scooter and a motor bike? Notice the mechanical levers - riding was a full-on endeavour. Hand gear change, horizontally opposed twin cylinders and water cooled.
Tomorrow the annual Toy Run for charity takes place and scores of bikers take part. An organizer was on the lookout for participants. Everyone is very welcome but I hear about a scooter rider who is unwilling to join the pack of big boys on Harleys and all the rest.   

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Maxx England said...

The bike is a Velocette LE. First made as a 150 sidevalve, the 200. Civilian sales were poor but many police forces used them for near silent patrol work. The gig lever is probably the hand starter.

There are quite a few about in the UK, and a healthy owners club for them.

There was a fibreglass bodied version called the Vogue, and an air cooled ohv 200 called the Valiant when it was running, and other things when it frequently wasn't.