Monday, December 06, 2010

Is Oprah or her retinue visiting Hunter wine country?  A visit is rumoured but she has better security than the White house.  We need an OpraGate to breach security but would this lead to censorship and exile into cyber outerspace which has happened over revelations around top global issues and Oprah's visit to Australia is far more serious than all that.

Freedom of speech is at issue according to some who study web leaks. Are we currently matching China in matters of censorship of the search engines?
Not outdone yet, WikiLeaks is 'mirrored' on 76 web sites.

Newer faster broadband is very welcome providing the wisest method is chosen and the implementation is regulated by those who are one step ahead of potential fraud.
New broadband services are declared as of unlimited benefit to our society. But how good?  The global financial crisis was not averted. And consider the risk of empowerment of all and sundry. Hacking could knockout the essential service web sites as well as the controversial sites.

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