Saturday, February 21, 2009

Unknown type of boat marked Ursa, possibly a dredge, in the Port of Newcastle.
No, it probably 'chews up' the sea floor and removes rocks and deepens the port.

Ursa Major is the third largest constellation and occupies a vast region of far northern skies. The constellation is not so significant in our Southern Hemisphere and is possibly visible somewhere in the northern autumn skies.
Tourists can take up star gazing and discover totally new night skies above distant lands.


Jane Hards Photography said...

The skies maybe different but tah could easily be our docks here.

Anonymous said...

My car is in that photo!
The Ursa is a cutter suction dredge belonging to Boskalis Westminister.
Brought to Newcastle as part of the NCIG Berth 8-9 Hunter River Coal Terminal Expansion project in 2008-2009.
It uses a rotary cutterhead and suction to transport spoil material to a recclaimation land site via a floating pipeline.

In soft material it's capable of producing a maximum of 22,000cubic metres of spoil per hour.