Monday, February 02, 2009

These documents are in poor condition but relate to injustice over the "Stolen Wages" where the Aborigines, in all of the states, went unpaid or underpaid for their employment.

Below is a form from the Protector of Aboriginals which is an agreement about an Aboriginal stockman from Woorabinda Aboriginal Settlement who went to a grazing property in 1942 to work for two pound per week of which fifteen shillings was pocket money and one pound five shillings was paid, in trust, to the Superintendent at Woorabinda. A receipt covers those payments made by the employer in instalments.

However, Aborigines found that it was difficult to claim such wages. They did not necessarily understand the procedure and it is claimed that deposits were siphoned off. Thumb prints and pass books were unmanageable They feel cheated.
They worked in many roles such as those of domestics and farm hands. As young teenagers they were ordered out of the missions into the workplace to fend for themselves in instances that are reported and were heard recently on ABC radio. This occured up until the ninteen sixties and beyond.
The Woorabinda settlement still operates in Queensland; we looked last time we were in the area.


Austories said...

Hi Julia,
I'm working on a Digital Story with an Aboriginal Elder from Inala who grew up at Woorabinda at the time of these documents. Do you have any other scans of documents or photos from Woorabinda that we might be able to use?

Daryll Bellingham

julia said...

I have several documents similar
to these and perhaps a few references in another document, will have another look. They are available to you. My email address is on the end of the blog.