Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How many men does it take to install a drain?

I want to see on the computer the Australian protocol for the written date, ie: day, month, year every time. Is there any group in existence that tries to save the day-month-year method?
I want to see a good selection of web sites without Google defaulting to American sites so much. Imagine all the other countries subjected to this as well. (notwithstanding the Google option for Australian content)
I want to see Australian spelling in the web content. I want to see Australianisms.
If I sign up and give my address I don't want a request for a zip code either.
Some degree of choice exists and one can change the details on programs and search engines. Protcols from other places could be seen as part of life's rich pagent but other times they are just something I could do without.