Saturday, December 20, 2008

Spot the Wicked Camper. Travelling north? Visit Newcastle! Then further on do the outstanding Woodford Folk Festival 27 Dec to 1 Jan, just beyond Brisbane (with camping) our answer to Glastonbury.

In response to an objection to an outrageous slogan on a van it was said: "It is a parody like all our vans. They're effectively taking the mickey out of every subject we do" Particularly in the case of the home grown vans in this country.
Jesus said follow me...I am the way...he loves you even if no one else does

Going like a blur.
Non-wicked van, contour design and a traveller from the Netherlands.
Above: not up to standard at all.
And this is not a wicked .......

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Christopher said...

i LOVE the shots. Keep up the good work.