Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Memorials. Memorials contrasted with exuberant students.
Further to the photo of the carillon several days ago is the grand sandstone tower in which is installed the University of Sydney War Memorial Carillon.
The bells were cast and installed by John Taylor & Co of Leicestershire and after various modifications over time the carillon now has 54 bells with a range of four and a half octaves and is fully chromatic.
The lowest note (the bourdon) is the G on the bottom line in the bass stave; it weighs over 4 tonnes. The overtones include the minor third that gives the bell its characteristic mournful sound.
Recitals include a free session every Sunday afternoon at 2pm. (this information is from the Recital Booklet)
The dulcet tones of the bells were unobtrusive and filled the afternoon air with melody quite free of electronic overkill and I believe, the minor overtones, did create an unexpected effect.

In the vicinity is the Nicholson Museum where another memorial is found from ancient Rome with Greek inscription as below:
....For Felix The sweetest child His nurse (made this) as a memorial.

We all grieved for some little children from our part of the world this past week.

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