Friday, September 26, 2008

This must be a new model Citroen van. Below is the recently released C5.
The Citroen adverts talk of 'Australia's longest continually imported car brand - celebrate 85 Years of Citroen. Visit'

The above van looks useful. Some model vans have a lot of height which need not be a good thing and is less aerodynamic. Naturally, it is a different matter if a high van is fitted with shelving up to the roof and if the owner wants room to walk inside to the shelves otherwise a large van can be inconvenient with wasted space.
The storage area in this Citroen van is accessible as it has a door on each side as well as rear doors. It can fit into parking stations and other places with height restrictions. The engine does not intruding back into the cabin space and I guess it would be similar to driving a large car and it looks quite good.