Sunday, September 07, 2008

From National Museum of Wales. c 1900

Fathers Day 2008

......from the one and only Under Milk Wood....'DAI BREAD:

Me, Dai Bread, hurrying to the bakery, pushing in my
shirt-tails, buttoning my waistcoat, ping goes a button,
why can't they sew them, no time for breakfast, nothing for
breakfast, there's wives for you.

Me, Mrs Dai Bread One, capped and shawled and no old corset,
nice to be comfy, nice to be nice, clogging on the cobbles
to stir up a neighbour. Oh, Mrs Sarah, can you spare a loaf,
love? Dai Bread forgot the bread. There's a lovely morning!
How's your boils this morning? Isn't that good news now,
it's a change to sit down. Ta, Mrs Sarah.


Me, Mrs Dai Bread Two, gypsied to kill in a silky scarlet
petticoat above my knees, dirty pretty knees, see my body
through my petticoat brown as a berry, high-heel shoes with
one heel missing, tortoiseshell comb in my bright black
slinky hair, nothing else at all but a dab of scent, lolling
gaudy at the doorway, tell your fortune in the tea-leaves,
scowling at the sunshine, lighting up my pipe.'