Thursday, September 11, 2008

Council Work vans. The stranded Pasha Bulka recorded in the folk art above.

Local Government elections, with compulsory voting, take place on (this) Saturday Sep 13. Will we have a new Lord Mayor or more of the same? We expect the councils to give us services that help make out lifestyle better but they probably don't have a massive budget to play round with.

The Federal Government makes nice little statements about specialized fields that are beyond them and receives constant publicity. For example, of course, a national curriculum would probably be a good thing, blind Freddie could see that but does it take a massive, nation wide, duplicate tier of government to say as much?
All of that deflects attention from the State Government who get up to all sorts of ticks on the quiet but has to do the hands-on work. Who cares about a five star rating from some distant suspect instrumentality?
We always have to strive to improve; our services have shortcomings, they are uncreative, yet are pleasing, some things are just slack enough to be strangly reassuring except for hi-tech medicine, which is scary, and investment funds.