Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What would a Tom Murphy achieve on this backdrop at Port Stephens?  This city father from afar told us about the transformation of Pittsburgh from heavy industry.
Didn't he tell us create a vision as a basis for urban development and one we are very determined about so as to avoid being reactive and enter into  debates and see opposition as normal.
His talk was straight forward which was a relief, sponsored by the university.


Chris said...

Hey Julia. I'm from Pittsburgh, as you might remember. Lived in Newcastle with my family in 2007. Thanks for the Tom Murphy post. He was the second-longest serving mayor in the city's history (three full terms) and did a great job but is still greatly disliked by a large percentage of city residents who, among other things, resent his going ahead and building two sport stadiums with public money despite voters passing a referendum against the plan. It turned out to be a good move the city, with the neighborhood around the stadiums now very vibrant and filled with office buildings and nightlife.

julia said...

A most liveable city. That's very positive. The tension between consensus and unpopular decisions. 2007 Goodness! Seven years on. Anyway, I noted that city and delved into travel info as an eyeopener, saw the rich diversity, saw my prejudices. Will see the Burning Man fest yet - no, just joking.