Saturday, November 08, 2014

Is this an art installation or is it the plumbing? On King.
Vatican art in a 3D film is showing.  The whole film has about 15 minutes of art works padded out with goodness knows what the rest of the time and the ticket was no bargain price. To some the Vatican's failures are their failures and the Vatican's glories are their glories.
Recently a French movie event was reasonably good despite the review only sounding so so. The French eats on sale were aok.  A student of French was interested in the movie but found it very difficult to understand the dialogue.  University French to an advanced stage only goes so far and that was some time ago.
 And an Italian movie season is next up not forgetting a Zombie event tomorrow Sunday.
Second language learning in preschools is proposed. It is best begun as early as possible the experts say.  And more job opportunities for those who can teach languages.
  Lessons will add more to the already large heavy portfolios that are prepared on each and every preschooler as a record for the parent.
  I'd give more priority to the actual care and activities themselves along with a modest report.
  Preschool workers are not high income earners and work fairly long hours without school holiday breaks.

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