Sunday, November 09, 2014

Appearances are deceptive. The city hall clock tower is under repair and is in disguise under this painting of the clock tower painted on the coverings! So postmodern.
  Apart from the respect due to Whitlam whose life I had not closely followed, his memorial ceremony offered a good deal of reassurance about what I hope we value in our community.
  Or was the rhetoric a reminder of strengths past and gone? No, it was positive. Not withstanding it was a Labor fest, the high approval accorded to Whitlam and his work was unexpected in extent.  There is hope yet.
  His political party was dynamic and the place to be and continues to approximate all that.
  The quality of the farewell proceedings was gratifying, much to be proud of, dignified and fitting music appropriate to the generation.
 Fears about our brash and hard edged society were soothed somewhat. 

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