Sunday, September 01, 2013

Where is everyone heading? Newcastle Beach. Then the shadows from the multi story blocks begin early afternoon. Incidentally, the cafe was closed that summer's in winter day.
One computer went to e-waste. I liked the computer, it usually did what I wanted despite having a very tiny laughable amount of ram or whatever. At times it came to trying the safe mode and strange data to 'break into the system. You would need an old style computer to try and use dos that I wanted to try and there was one of those. As if.
Too late, ABC radio had a program from North America about the interest that exists in staying with an e-device that they feel at home with, of avoiding change for change sake, of the stacks of suspect e-waste that evolves and pollutes, of sites devoted to how to repair stuff and of test runs, of how the move to thinner lighter construction leads to breakage and glue is put in use that prevents opening the device and more and more it goes on.

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