Wednesday, September 04, 2013

"Australians all let us rejoice"  No yes I say the country IS safe, is secure,
the economy is STRONG,
there is no EMERGENCY on our borders,
we have highways, we have carbon trading, we have a mining tax,
etc etc etc,  we have the makings of the best ever national broadband,
and just who is without DEBT? - it is all GOOD, the rhetoric is misplaced.

Well, I guess, unlike the old world, here we are in the phase of development evenso there must be more to life than the new highways and city express ways that figure in the political promises?
More cars more road transport and more carbon. More global warming.
Not even a slight nod to climate change, no carbon trading. References to Howard. So last century.
Economy as the be all and the end all of everything while we live in wonderful prosperity relative to this and that.
These politicians are the clever people, not me - give us a hint of complexity and imagination and culture.

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