Sunday, January 09, 2011

Secret photo of Civic Theatre ceiling. Seeing thru the cloud.  My blogging days are numbered and have been so for some time now. Incidentally, the mega IT company extracts a small fee from this blog, something to do with ads and storage but the service is good.
On googling I see that my relative has a hand in internet ads, must ask about this.
One wonders about a company that bothers with a non-conformist blog like mine. I am not a comment whore nor chase internet traffic, no Facebook and no Twitter, iphone and android illiterate!
My extended family members are frightfully busy, pressured, bristling with endeavour. Well, I am very happy to have a couple of pairs of decent sox after years of second rate examples. (Have never ever found a pair of short-short sox that stay up in place)
Thanks goodness for new year and the absence of very-very hot weather. Christmas was hard going and healthy lifestyle was shot to pieces.

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