Saturday, October 25, 2008

Harry Potter imagery. Latin. Magicus. well as a....
Magic staircase..........and........
Seeking out the Philosopher's Stone.
Gothic fantasy at Sydney University.

A school with a difference. Did Harry Potter have a role in the rise in non-government education and the privatisation of schools hereabouts?
The existing schools lose their wide diversity including mix of ability when students are sent away to a private school often in another suburb and the local community is diminished.
Children from a non-English speaking background remain together in a school in some degree of isolation. All of which is nothing new to the experts but is new to me.
While Church and state are separate, if the government schools could include a totally meaningful component of religious study then church schools would become unnecessary and all kids could enjoy a state school education that is non-divisive and is a microcosm of society.
New computers etc all round are fine but loads of support staff and basics and facilities are very important in government schools particularly when they have to take up the slack. It is difficult for them to be compared with the fresh brand-new schools of the private sector.
However, many would say it is too late for all this and status, fashion and high achievement at any cost are held dear by parents.

Anyway, on another point, be thankful that the Harry Potter movies are not Hollywood productions.