Saturday, August 30, 2008



Did you know that with the federal government solar panel rebate of $8000 for a 1kW system you can get grid-connect solar on your roof for between $2000-3000 or less, through Climate Action Newcastle?! You can become a renewable electricity producer, save money, and be a part of Newcastle’s first bulk solar panel installation!

A public meeting will be held on Friday 5th September at 5.30 pm at Newcastle High School corner Parkway Avenue & National Park St, Hamilton South. We will be in the hall which is accessed by the gates on National Park Street. The meeting is likely to go for several hours.

At this meeting, Sydney Energy Coop and the CAN committee will introduce ourselves, discuss the program and answer your questions.
As we are sure you can appreciate, this will save a significant amount of time and effort on behalf of CAN to respond to many hundreds of individual enquiries.

The most important and urgent aspect of the project is to have applications for pre-approval for the $8000 Federal Government rebate submitted as soon as possible. The urgency of this step is that there is a 3-6 week turnaround period from the Government, and many people in the Solar Industry remain concerned about how long the rebates will be available despite Government assurances that they will remain in place until June 2009.Our advice is to get preapproved as fast as you can in case the Federal Government changes the rebate program again. SEE the web site.

PS A great spin-off is that the roof may get repaired!