Sunday, June 22, 2008

Move over Norm Frazer and all the rest. Seen at a custom bike emporium which has a new image and exploits old warehouse-type premises and vintage fittings to match.

This postmodern business is full of illusion. A lift is grounded and goes nowhere and acts as a fitting room, a big eatery is crowded out and, on the serious side, motorcycles adopt a new identity, where, I am told, Yamaha 400 singles and Kawasaki 650s are targets for grand modifications, the Kawasaki itself a copy of an old Truimph. Retro on retro.

Dare (!) Jennings, 58, has created Deus Ex Machina, a cheeky play with words which operates in Sydney in Camperdown. Sunday Life reveals he was also the founder of Mambo (into surfing gear) This is not likely to be Dare Jennings in the photo but is an employee.

The change room lift.
On another note, Casey Stoner has number one grid position in tonights motorcycle race and is hanging in there.


Anonymous said...

I do visit and I do comment and I was here. I did look at your picture(s) and I did read what you wrote about them. I could say how great you are and how beautiful your work is but alas I would soon run out of things to say on the next blog I visited, so I just left this to prove I stopped and said a few words on Sunday. I like the Chineses art too.

My Rheumatoid Arthritis hurts so I am using the same message for all.

Jane Hards Photography said...

This is a great post. The Isle of Man TT has not long finished here, so it was good to see the classic vintage bikes.

Deus Ex Machina, a very nice touch.