Sunday, June 29, 2008

The motoring writer in The Herald, Brent Davison, is not enamoured with the minor idiosyncrasies found in the Citroen C4. And he writes 'Can you dislike a car because some of its basic design points don't work or should that be seen as character-building? I see what he means.
We have always had a succession of cars. Some European carmakers just change the steering over to the right hand side and the controls remain back to front, even the pedals seem offset. Gears are for the left hand anyway.
Against this are all the rest of the cars that are designed with certain conventions for the driver who sits on the right.
Changing between these two style of cars each day or so adds to the driving experience. One obstacle is the motor horn which is just never there where you thought it was and there's momentary helplessness when someone is about to reverse into you or the like but of course this doesn't happen very often but then there's the blinkers etc etc....
Renault cars are in the photo.

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