Wednesday, May 07, 2008

A before and after picture. Belinda lost heaps. The secrets of weightloss are revealed, in colour, at the pharmacy and I should join up.
Choose life. The constant never ending queue for medications is juxtaposed with the weight loss option. (Half the world starves while the other half are seriously obese.)

The big bucks and all the action is found in Hospitals, in Disease, in Diagnostic tools, in Drugs and Research. It is so much not enough.
Of course, the margins are fuzzy but health promotion and prevention is the way forward, the priority, the key.
The goal is health and well being rather than illness and a veritable fortune invested in disease. Funding requires a balanced approach.
Newcastle has a health promotion unit, I believe. The area has rather high incidences of disease.

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• Eliane • said...

First, I love that your blog is solar powered. How does that work exactly?

Second, kudos for joining on the weightloss challenge. As for me, like always: I start tomorrow. What? I just made some kick-ass crème caramel!