Saturday, June 08, 2019

 Things to do on a long weekend.  Rail station is getting into the 21st century with the addition of lifts. Motorists were held up and were not amused.  What's far worse, has coal transport been put on hold for the weekend which is very serious.

Originally the station was a room, in timber, on the upstairs cross over. We must have been more hardy once. It was demolished and a prosaic red brick thing on ground level took over.  In recent times, two separate extensive renovations have upgraded the staircases so hope that work was not done in vain. Go public transport!

Areas nearby were once set aside for an overhead road bridge with a straight path ahead instead of the existing hairpin bend but it seems that long-term plan is scrapped for instance an existing building in the pathway is undergoing a complete makeover so it must be there to stay.

Redfern station in Sydney has no lifts which are found at most other stations. Redfern has or had an indigenous population as well as other groups.  Does that have anything to do with it?
This side of Newcastle has comfortable people and a fair share of some disadvantage, is that why the Station did not have a lift? why the council library seems less resourced than others, why a main church that has connections close by has its doors locked most of the time and uses extensive expensive exterior lighting while a  'sister' church in the next suburb remains unlocked and unlit and has no particular persons near by.