Monday, June 10, 2019

How much better it would have been if Labor had announced a significant policy regarding climate change and had voiced some opposition to a vast new coal mine before they went on to lose the election.

In the sunny central west of the state new solar was under construction - a big field of panels in an isolated acerage.  Construction phrase offers jobs and judging by the car park a workforce from all over had assembled west of the village of Nevertire.
 The company is biosar Aus P/L which has activities in many corners of the globe following its beginnings in Greece. There is at least one other large solar power plant in the area.

Change is in the air.  We have all heard of General Electric.  A site named Electrek reports that G E bet on fossil fuels and lost billions in misjudging renewable energy transition.  '
'The multinational profitibility collapse over the past few years can be largely attributed to the company's inability to judge the accelerating pace of the global energy transition from fossil fuels and towards renewables''
'Natural gas and thermal coal were the culprits''

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William Kendall said...

Solar makes a lot more sense than sticking with a resource that has more and more drawbacks by the year.