Wednesday, July 04, 2018

The local Woolworths supermart must be going solar.  Praise be!  Talesun brand is on the products.  It is not a first, photovoltaic has taken off and great progress is seen on a global scale.
 Suzhou Talesun Solar Technologies has a web site that depicts grand solar farms in China.  Installations in Europe particularly and Thailand, India and USA are also shown from this Chinese company which has state of the art equipment from Italy and Japan.
 Where is our own manufacture of these products which we were into in the very early stages?  Naturally, we can not compete with the mega economies.  Some politicians are not even supporting solar.
 Is alliance with China such a bad thing?  We find an unfamiliarity with Chinese efforts to be part of our culture, our uncertainties are reasonable. Chinese global reach is notable. Their political scene and human rights agenda are alien.  However, how well do we and our existing allies stack up? How do we rate with the indigenous population? Our unethical tactics with refugees are shameful.   How many people are imprisoned in the USA - vast numbers. US politics and national standing are faltering. So how well does Chinese society rate in the face of our difficulties?  So called National security is another difficulty beyond this little rant.
 Is it possible to sit on the fence and for us to have good allies across the divide of China and USA?  End the either or situation and look towards an interesting future. If the East will have us.    

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William Kendall said...

I'm wary of their human rights record, as well as the fact that their government seems to think that respect means deference to them.